Upcoming Events


Our primary club events are Shuttle Days.

  • Typically these are held monthly.  The next is being held on Mother's Day, 9th May 2021 from 9am to 3pm.


Shuttle Days are held at Kraack Road, Dome Valley, which is north of Warkworth and south of Wellsford, just off State Highway 1.

  • The Shuttles are 4 wheel drive vehicles that take riders and their bikes from the bottom of trails back to the top, with the first Shuttle starting at around 9 am.
  • For more information about Shuttle Days and other club activities, please check out the column on the right of this page (or below this page if viewing the site with a phone).


Please Register via our online membership system if you plan to attend a Shuttle Day.

  • You may register as either:
    • a Member of our club, or
    • a Non-member.
  • You may buy your Shuttle Day at the same time as you register; or just Login if you have already registered.


Shuttle Days cost $40, but Members get a $20 discount.

  • Given that AKDH club membership costs only $60 per year for a Senior, or $30 for a Junior; then
  • Anyone planning to attend Shuttle Days regularly should note that it is much cheaper to join as a Member rather than stay as a Non-member!


Please buy your Shuttle Days before the actual day.

  • This gives us a heads-up as to how many are planning to attend, and we can then plan vehicles as required.


Please PAY electronically via our website - credit or debit cards are accepted.

We prefer you pay by card, and there is NO card surcharge if paying that way. 

Our website is fully payment friendly for mobile phones too.

Paying electronically saves time for you AND for our hard working club volunteers, who run the Shuttle Days.

  • So please USE the technology as it saves the volunteers having to:
    • provide manual receipts to participants on the day,
    • collect large wads of cash on the day,
    • guard that cash against theft while riding our bikes,
    • update manually who has/has not paid into the club accounts later, and
    • drive to a bank branch, then bank the cash after the weekend - when banking a lot of cash now attracts Anti-Money Laundering issues!

By comparison card payments eliminate all those issues, so THANK YOU for your consideration. 

Enjoy your Shuttle Days with AKDH, and we look forward to going downhill fast with you soon!